Hello! I'm Ivan, a Frontend Developer
based in Tallinn

About Me

Hello! I'm Ivan Anguita, a frontend developer passionate about creating beautiful and user-friendly digital experiences. I have a strong background in web development, with a focus on building responsive and interactive interfaces. My skills include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React, among others. I'm proficient in using popular frontend frameworks like React, Astro and Vue.js, and have experience with tools like Tailwind CSS and Bootstrap.


  1. Addimra 360 - Barcelona, Spain

    Frontend Developer

  2. BL&P - Kassel, Germany

    Research and Development Internship

  3. SOS Informàtics - Terrassa, Spain

    IT Specialist Internship


  1. Computer Science - Software Engineering

    Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

  2. Cross-Platform App Development

    INS Nicolau Copèrnic

  3. Website Application Development

    INS Nicolau Copèrnic

  4. Microcomputer Systems and Networks

    Salesians Terrassa

Latest projects

  • Brand Viewer

    Brand Viewer

    Project made in React and Tailwind CSS. In this app you can upload your brand name, color and logo and get a preview of how it will look like on different applications.

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